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Welcome to Parenthood Pals! I’m Caleb Hoyer, and I’m Melissa Fite Johnson. We’ve been friends for more than twenty years, and the foundation of our friendship has always been TV. We’ve stayed up all night talking about Friends. We’ve flown across the country to watch the Gilmore Girls revival together. And now, during this pandemic, though we’re keeping our social distance, we’ve never been closer.


We began bingeing shows together over Zoom, and talking about them for hours – as is our way. Melissa’s husband overheard us one day and suggested we start a podcast! Right away, we knew it had to be about a TV show, and we soon decided on one of our favorites, the ultimate in comfort TV: Parenthood. So we’re revisiting the series again together, and we invite you to join us!




Meet the Pals

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Melissa was born in Springfield, MO (possibly in the same hospital as Brad Pitt???) and raised in Pittsburg, KS. At age five, she narrated stories about kittens’ birthday parties from her perch on her father’s lap for him to type. In fifth grade, she spent every show-and-tell relaying the next installment of her kidnapped-girl series to her classmates.




Caleb was born in Stillwater, OK and raised in Pittsburg, KS. As a child, his interests included Care Bears, ZooBooks, baseball, flicking pencils between his fingers and pretending they were fairies/mermaids, and pretending to scan grocery items when unpacking them at home. But his biggest interest was music.